Law Office of Sorondo Bonham offers timesharing tips during COVID 19. Maytel Bonham is a Family Law attorney located in Lake Nona, FL. This video focuses on managing stress and expectations during this pandemic.

Positive Co-Parenting: Going through separation and co-parenting are already stressors and adding an unknown element that is highly fluid will increase stress levels. This is not just on parents, but also on children that are uncertain of what school will look like, how it can affect graduation or grades. Positive co-parenting with the other parent becomes even more important. Our children will take their cues from the adults in their world and it is critical that parents work together to get their children through these uncertain and rapidly changing times.

Timesharing Tips during COVID 19 : Make it a priority to stay up to date on flight cancellations, school closure timeframes, CDC updates etc. All these things can affect timesharing schedules and staying informed will help you stay on timesharing schedule. Adhere to the CDC guidelines to keep your kids safe and communicate with the other parent when a conflict arises. At this time, schools have been closed until April 15th and it is still unknown what will happen as the weeks go on. Be creative with staying in touch with your kids through virtual outlets like Facetime, Skype, What’s App and Zoom.

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