Is There a Less Stressful Alternative Than Going To Court When a Relationship Ends?

When a couple starts a relationship, the furthest thing from their minds is how traumatic the end could be. Happily ever after is not a guarantee, and many families face the difficult task of untangling a joined life as they try to forge a new normal as separate individuals. When there are kids involved, the collateral damage to the children can be devastating. Unfortunately, the adversarial system we have tends to pit the parties against each other and leads to a mindset of winners and losers, when the reality is that there are really no winners in high conflict cases due to the time, money and mental anguish involved.

One path to alleviate the high stress of dissolving a relationship is Mediation. During family conflicts such as divorce, paternity, child support and timesharing, emotions can replace sensibility. Parties must make “business” decisions in an emotional environment and mediation allows both sides to work through the emotions to reach a solution that is best for themselves and their children. Family Mediation helps each party to communicate what is important to him or her and to hear what is important to the other party. As a neutral party committed to the process, mediators can help retain perspective so that the family’s and especially the children’s best interests remain a priority. Mediators can assist in finding ways to help parties move forward in creative ways that are not necessarily available in litigation so that everyone is a winner.

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