A personal passion of our firm is educating and assisting families with special needs children. The Law Office of Sorondo Bonham, PLLC can address the best interests of children with any specific special needs including autism and other disabilities. Maytel Sorondo Bonham has helped numerous families with special needs children as they attain majority to continue to care for their adult children through Guardian Advocacy. At the Law Office of Sorondo Bonham, we would be happy to answer your questions and provide information about any of your needs and encourage you to contact our office for our “Guardian Advocacy Bootcamp” presentation. Maytel is happy to speak to groups to educate parents and caregivers on how best to provide for special needs children growing into adulthood.

Our philosophy is to provide the family with the education and legal means to continue caring for their special child. Upon attaining the age of eighteen, a child becomes an adult in the eyes of the law. This is true even for developmentally disabled children. A guardian advocacy is a summary form of guardianship designed for families with a developmentally disabled child. In a guardian advocacy, the ward’s prior condition and medical reports take the place of an incapacity determination and a Guardian Ad Litem attorney is appointed to represent the ward. As with other guardianships, guardian advocacies must be filed with the court in the county of residence and annual reports will be required. In most cases, the child’s parent(s) will be appointed as the guardian advocate. Our firm is sensitive to your needs and we believe in educating our clients throughout the process.

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