Attorney Maytel Bonham continues to offer legal representation for Family Law, Estate Planning & Personal Injury. The extension into Family Mediation will allow her to assist families as a neutral third party to reach the best solution for their particular family needs.

“Becoming a Mediator has always been a professional goal of mine because it allows me to serve families in conflict in ways that save them time and money. In Family Mediation, the parties are part of the solution and resolving their issues is completely within their control. I believe in the mediation process 100% and am very proud to now offer this service.”

Attorney Maytel Sorondo Bonham

During family conflicts such as divorce, paternity, child support and timesharing, emotions can replace sensibility. Parties must make “business” decisions in an emotional environment and mediation allows both sides to work through the emotions and reach a solution that is best for themselves and their children. Family Mediation helps each party to communicate what is important to him or her and to hear what is important to the other party. Mediators can assist in finding ways to help parties move forward in creative ways that are not necessarily available in litigation. Let Attorney Sorondo Bonham help you navigate through family issues with compassionate Family Mediation.

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